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Aluminum water solubility cutting oil

Since 2000, Namheung Corporation has been agent of LOTTE CHEMICAL. Sale chemicals that are
applied to various industries in domestic and overseas markets.

Product information (CALIBER-1000AC)

Applicable company

aluminum cutting company

Use of goods

aluminum water solubility cutting oil

Characteristics of product

  • Water miscible, Chlorine free, Mineral oil-based cutting fluid
  • Excellent cutting performance, no aluminum corrosion.
  • It is easily emulsified because of its good affinity with water, and it is highly workable.
  • Emulsion is very stable, even when stored for a long period of time.
  • No microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, during long-term storage without preservative.

How to use

i. We recommend dilute with water 5~10%.
ii. Standard on 6% of CALIBER-1000AC dilute with water.

  • Water : 92.5Kg
  • CALIBER-1000AC : 7.5Kg

Main character

*G: Green

Appearance State of appeasement pH Specific gravity(25℃) Viscosity(25℃, CP)
G/liquid G/Clear 9~10 0.91~0.95 90~100

물리적 특성 비교결과

Item Unit and Test method CALIBER 1000 AC BLASER
Appearance Visual Deep green liquid Deep green liquid
Amine Value mgKOH/g 23 18
Emulsion(10%) Dilution G/clear G/Milky
pH(undiluted) stick 10 9.5
pH(10%) stick 9.5 9
Volatiliezation 105℃/1hr 80% 80%
Volatile rate 105℃/1hr, % 20% 20%
Specific gravity 25℃ 0.94 0.94
Viscosity 25℃/cps 97 68