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Glycol initiator Namheung Corporation sells various PAG products as its parent company to
NH Chemical LTD., which manufactures Ethylene Oxide and PAG in various proportions using various Glycol as the initiator.

Ratio PAG Product Group Features Main Use
Homogenious PCB Series/PEG Series Thermal/Oxidation Stability Ingredient of HAL Flux, Flux oil, Urethane coating, Tablet coating agent, Adhesive, Synthetic leather
Random W Series High/Low Viscosity, Lubricity Hydraulic fluid, Heat treatment oil, Rubber lubricant
Random A Series Lubricity Gear oil, Metal working fluid, Textile lubricant
Block PL Series Anti-foaming, Emulsibility Emulsifier, Anti-foaming agent, Polyurethane
Reverse Block PRB Series Lubricity, Low Foamability, Anti-foaming Metal working fluid, Cleaning agent
Homogenious P Series Lubricity Gear oil, Refrigerant oil
PPG Catalyst-removal, Constant molecular weight Polyurethane

ODM and OEM with specific property are possible according to the customer requirements.

Ratio PAG Product Group Features Main Use
EO/PO/BO Homogenious/Random/Block/
OEM/ODM Flexible/Semi-rigid/Rigid/CASE Polyurethane
OEM/ODM Outstanding wettability and penetration Deinking agent

Use for Each Substance

Product Group Use Product
Glycol Ether
KOREOX PEG Series Urethane Coating, Tablet Coating Agent PEG 1000M / PEG2000M
Adhesive, Synthetic leather
KOREOX PCB series Ingredient of HAL Flux, Flux Oil PCB154, PCB174, PCB178
KOREOX W series Metal working fluid W270, W18000, W55000, W70000, W100K
Rubber lubricant
Hydraulic base oil
Anti-static agent for Textile / Heat treatment oil
KOREOX A series Metal working fluid A50, A100, A150, A225, A1000, A1500
Gear / Bearing lubricant
Rubber surface lubricant
Textile lubricant
Polyurethane / Refrigerant oil
KOREOX HP series Compressor oil HP1400. HP1400S
Poly(Oxypropylene, Oxyethylene)
Block Copolymer
KOREOX P series Gear / Bearing lubricant P35, P75, P100, P150, P225, P335
Hydraulic fluids for water insoluble
Industrial lubricant / Refrigerant oil
KOREOX PL series Polyurethane PL61, PL62
Cleaning agent
KOREOX PRB series Metal working fluid PRB172, PRB174, PRB252
Cleaning agent
PAG Diluents KOREOX WB series Hydraulic fluid, Rubber lubricant, Heat treatment oil WB1820, WB5525T, WB5540