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Since 2000, Namheung Corporation has been agent of LOTTE CHEMICAL. Sale chemicals that are applied to various industries in domestic and overseas markets.

EOA Features

  • Substances with excellent emulsification, dispersion, and penetration as surfactants, the more parts of the EO (ethylene oxide) are, the more water-soluble.
  • Excellent refractory performance, stable in acid and alkali solutions, and excellent surfactant activity in aqueous solution of acid, alkali and saline coexist.
Product Chemical name Product type Application
PEG Poly ethylene Glycol PEG-200 PEG-300 / PEG-400 PEG-600 Solvent, organic synthetic intermediate
material, lubricant, and detergent
PEG-4000 PEG-6000 Additive for cleaning agents and lubricants
SAM Stearyl Amine Ethoxylate SAM-20 / SAM-30 Emulsifier, penetrant, dispersant, leveling agent,
anti-static agent, auxiliary agent
TDE Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate TDE-5 / TDE-7 auxiliary agent, emulsifier
LAE Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate LAE-3 / LAE-7 / LAE-9 Emulsifier, cleanig, wetting agent