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Customer Support

Through the Change, For the Future. General Chemical Group.



Classification Tel.No Fax. E-mail
Head office 02-754-0961 02-754-0962 shkang@namheung.com
Goryeong Plant 054-956-7880 054-956-7885 kjh4946@namheung.com


Classification Personnel Tel.No. Fax. E-mail
Head office Marketing & Sales 02-754-0961 02-754-0962 smpark@namheung.com
Goryeong Plant Marketing & Sales 054-956-7880(1) 054-956-7885 kjh4946@namheung.com

R&D Center

Classification Tel.No. Fax. E-mail
R&D Center 054-956-7880(3) 054-956-7885 plus1219@namheung.com