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Through the Change, For the Future. General Chemical Group.


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Namheung Corporation is established in 1980. We manufacture and supply chemicals that are applied to various industries which are fiber, vehicle, rubber and lubricant.

In 2012, we moved our plant to Goryeong, December 2013, we had a technology transfer of Warm-Mix Asphalt Construction from KICT (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology).

We developed and sale Anti-Stripping additive which increased resistance to moisture and anti-stripping effect to inhibit occurrence of porthole.

Our motto is to advance into new industries through accumulated technology and continuous research and development to create value for our customer.

All of Namheung Corporation will keep forward with a creative mind in the new era of change, recognizing that the days ahead can’t survive without change and innovation.

Thank you.

Namheung Corporation. CEO