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Through the Change, For the Future. General Chemical Group.


General chemistry products

Since 2000, Namheung Corporation has been agent of LOTTE CHEMICAL. Sale chemicals that are applied to various industries in domestic and overseas markets.

General chemistry products

Product Chemical name Features Application
DOS Di 2-Ethylhexyl Sebacate

Plasticity in polymer materials, such as synthetic resin to give elasticity and flexibility as to improve machinability.Easy to surgery and changed the physical properties to have good qualities.

Rubber, synthetic leather, tire, rubber hose, wire.

N-350 Dibutoxy ethoxy ethyl adipate
Sorbitol Sorbitol

Solbitol is a hexitol called D-Sorbitol or D-Glucitol, a substance produced by reducing glucose.

A representative chemical compound additive used as a food additive, wetting agent, and emulsifier.

BDG Butyl di Glycol

As EO or PO reacts, high purity products are obtained by multilevel distillation, and water-soluble as oxygen system type.
It is an environmentally friendly solvent with low volume of VOC (volatile Organic Compounds.)

Solvent and intermediate raw meterials of semiconductor, electron, paint, ink, dye, detergent, machine oil, hydraulic brake fluid, antifreeze.

Glycerin Glycerin

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless liquid. It has a very high viscosity. It is a retention component, obtained by breaking down maintenance industrially.

In addition to being used as a synthetic material such as resin, lubricants, chemicals, ointment, preservatives for cigarettes and cosmetics, Furthemore, it is an important substance with a wide range of service levels, such as seawalls, coolants, and ink.

G-HCL Guanidine hydrochloride

Used in the synthesis of raw materials and materials of anti-static agents for industrial use.

Anti-static agent

A-70 Dioctyl sulfosuccinate sodium salt

Anionic surfactant with a chemically specific structure exhibits the best penetration of any surfactant and exerts high surfactant at low concentrations.

Solubilizer, dispersant, wetting agent, detergent, deinking agent

Al.stearate#20 Aluminium distearate

Extensive application in many industrial areas due to superior physical and chemical characteristics.

Paint, ink, grease thickener, water repelling agent for rope and leather, Lubricant for plastic, using cement production for water proof.

Al.stearate#50 Aluminum tristearate
IOS Iso-Octyl Stearate

Using natural and synthetic alcohol and fatty acid, we have production capacity and advanced technology of various organic synthesis products that make up mono,di,tri, and Poly Ester material groups. In particular, we apply high-vacuum system manufacturing techniques to minimize the common problems of ester products, such as odor, fatty acids, and alcohol, to ensure high quality and economy.

lubricant of textile oil, lubricity additive of nonferrous metal working fluid, oiliness improver of metal-working fluid.

NS-80 Sorbitan monolaurate

Processing emulsifier of textile, Dye soulution, antistatic, soft-smoothing agent, emulsifier of cutting oil, cosmetic cream, emulsifier of cosmetic, paint, colour, painting ink, dispersant of varnish

P-3033(t) Trimethylolpropane Trioleate

metal-working fluid lubricity additive. synthetic lubrication base Oil

600DO PEG600 Di oleate

This substance is widely used in cosmetics and medicine because it is less toxic and irritant. Since it has ester bonds in the structure, hydrolysis may be possible at high temperatures or alkaline solutions, but it is not hydrolysed under normal conditions of use. The main uses include emulsifiers, dispersants, antifoaming agents, smoothing agents, and flow improver.

emulsifier, dispersing agent, antifoaming agent, lubricant, flow improver, etc,

AFS-P Methyl triethanolamine

Most cationic surfactants have positive (+) charges and are based on nitrogen atoms. Most solid surfaces are negative (-) charges, which can easily absorb cations. Cation surfactants are commonly used as disinfectants, disinfectants, flexibility, anti-warning, anti-corrosion, and dispersants in pigments.

softening agent, antistatic, cleaningagent, dispersing agent, etc,