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‘ECON’, the new brand name of Namheung’s asphalt additives.


Econ is abbreviation of Eco/Economic asphalt Chemical products of Namheung.

Liquid Anti-stripping agent [ECON HM1-100PL (Hot Mix)]

This product is a liquid anti-stripping agent that can maximize the electrochemical bonding strength between asphalt and aggregates.
Production of hybrid products of anti-stripping and Warm-Mix additive.

How to use Storage Physical properties
Test item Test result

When applying ECON HM-100PL, utilizing a specially designed feeding device can be very good for workability.
· Dosage : 0.5% of the asphalt content.
ex – When 50Kg of asphalt is used to manufacture 1ton of asphalt mixture, the dosage of ECON HM1-100PL is 250g.

Please keep at 0 ~ 30℃.
Maintain the storage temperature below 60℃

Amine value 500mgKOH/g
Viscosity(25℃/CPs) 800 ~ 1300
Specific gravity(25℃) 0.93 ~ 0.99
Appearance Yellow, liquid viscous

Viscosity curve

Dynamic immersion test(DIT)